*Includes X-Rays & Consultation

Does a trip to the dentist make you worried, fearful, or anxious? If so, we have just what you’ve been waiting for, because we’re offering free sedation with all our procedures and exams. Sedation dentistry lets us keep you relaxed and comfortable during your visit, and it’s completely safe. Millions of dental patients across the country have used sedation dentistry so that they can have clarity, comfort, and peace of mind at their dentist.

There are three levels of sedation: minimal (using Nitrous Oxide, or laughing gas, to help you relax), oral sedation (taken in pill form an hour before your procedure), and IV sedation (our strongest form of sedation, given to patients with especially strong fears and anxieties). But no matter what type of sedation we use, we guarantee you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable through the entire procedure.


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