Orthodontic treatment works to straighten your teeth and helps with spacing, jaw alignment and tooth alignment. It’s never too late to straighten your smile! Dr. Bradley can examine your teeth and come up with a treatment plan that suits you best. Based on the condition of your teeth, we will discuss with you the length of the treatment plan and your treatment options. Our team will go the extra mile to find the treatment plan that you feel most comfortable with and that fits best with your lifestyle.

Orthodontic treatment can help in several ways. Straightened teeth make flossing and brushing easier – helping make your overall oral health more maintainable. A straight smile can also boost your self-confidence. Straightened teeth help with your speech, make chewing easier and improve the comfort of your overall smile. Braces can be worn anywhere from 6-30 months, depending on the patient. Regular orthodontic visits and proper oral care will help keep the straightening process on schedule.

We know orthodontic treatment can be out of budget, so payment plans can be discussed to make your orthodontic treatment affordable. We will work hard to get you the treatment you desire and the smile you’ve been dreaming of. If you are considering orthodontic treatment in Grand Blanc, MI, call our office today to set up a consultation!