Traditional Braces

These days, if a person chooses traditional braces for their orthodontic care, they have choices of color and types of brackets that make these braces less noticeable than they used to be. With colored wires and ceramic brackets, they can even be fun.

At Dental Care Team, the decision on what type of braces are best will be made in a consultation between our expertly trained dentists and the patient. There are a number of factors to take into account:

  • If the patient has clear aligners instead of traditional braces, are they likely to skip wearing the aligners so frequently that treatment is slowed?
  • Can their type of misalignment be corrected more effectively with metal or metal/ceramic braces than clear aligners? (Severe cases are likely to respond better to metal braces.)
  • Are the braces needed for a preteen patient? (Clear aligners can't be used for preteens.)
  • Is cost a factor? (Traditional braces are less expensive.)

If the signs of gum disease are very minor, we may simply educate you on changes you should make to your at-home dental hygiene routine. And you should definitely maintain a regular schedule of visits for cleanings and examinations.

These newer braces are also more comfortable than older styles. In addition, traditional braces are sturdier than other types of orthodontic treatment. Treatment may also be faster. And, of course, traditional braces stay put 24/7 so there's no way to lose them or skip out on the required hours of wear.

Clear braces are popular but traditional braces are here to stay. If you want to improve the alignment of your teeth or your bite, ask Dental Care Team dentists which braces are right for you.

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