The All-on-4 is a method of providing a patient with a permanently-fixed denture anchored to four dental implants. There are a number of advantages to this type of denture:

  • Typically, either the upper arch or lower arch can be secured to just four implants
  • There's less expense and surgery than replacing each tooth with an implant
  • Dentures are firmly and permanently secured to the implants so they will not shift or come loose
  • All-on-4s can be provided to patients of any age.

When placing the implants, we carefully choose the firmest and healthiest areas of bone in which to place them. This means that bone grafts are not normally needed to thicken bone beforehand. So there's less surgery and a shorter healing time. Imaging precedes implant placement so we know exactly where the strongest bone is located.

Of course, the first step is thoroughly anesthetizing the area for surgery and ensuring the patient is relaxed and comfortable. Before placing the four implants, any teeth that need to be removed will be extracted. Then the implants will be surgically placed.

Temporary dentures will be attached to these implants so the patient can eat while implants bond fully with the bone. In six months or so, temporary dentures are replaced by permanent dentures. Now, the patient begins their new life with beautiful, secure and natural-looking dentures.

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