Why people believe in us

"I have been to Dental Care Team several times over the last few years and the entire staff is excellent. Everyone I have interacted with was professional, courteous, patient , knowledgeable with warm, friendly personalities. I want to give a special shout out to Deb. She did my last teeth cleaning and kept me smiling the entire time. Great personality! Highly recommend.
Thanks everyone at Dental Care Team."

William E.

"The professionalism and friendliness of the staff is outstanding. The office has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The entire office is up-to-date with modern equipment and technology. The dentists are very caring and knowledgeable. Dr.J and Dr. B are fantastic, answering all of my questions and providing me with all of my options. Given these options, I was able to make an informed decision about my dental health. I highly recommend the Dental Care Team for all of your dental care needs."

Ronda S.

"Hands down the best dental practice I've found. I have a history of avoiding dental procedures, cleanings, etc due to my fear and experiences of the past. This place was the first one I actually felt comfortable. The staff talked to you like a friend, everyone was transparent. As I type this I actually had some issues since my surgery and it's like they actually care! Hope this place doesn't ever close down because this is where I'm going from now on."

Patrick N.

"I had a dentist I went to for years and refused to leave out of convenience and comfortability. My wife was using DCT so I switched dentists, so we used the same one. I never thought such a switch would matter until I walked in that office. Day 1 the staff did a full mouth X-ray and discovered things my former dentist should've told me about a long time ago. They have helped clear up a lot of my gum bleeding which has been an issue for years and my former dentist could never resolve it, he just said "you have great teeth" every visit. After seeing the DCT, I found my teeth needed a lot better treatment. The Dental Care team cares I will tell you that. My insurance doesn't cover my preventative cleanings 100% at DCT but I will continue to use DCT because of the thoroughness and care of the staff. I highly recommend this Dental Facility. One of the best!"

Joseph Kennedy

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