When a patient needs partial or complete dentures, our intention is to provide excellent service which means we're going to make sure that denture is comfortable and attractive. It should look completely natural and it should fit securely in our patient's mouth.

Once teeth in need of extraction have been pulled, here's the procedure for dentures:

  • The gums must heal thoroughly so that dentures will fit precisely. (We provide temporary dentures until healing is complete.)
  • An impression is taken of the gums to guide the lab when they make the dentures.
  • Our dentist and the patient choose the color, size and shape of the replacement teeth.
  • The lab sends a temporary "try-in" denture to check fit, color, look and feel.
  • This denture is adjusted and returned to the lab.
  • The final denture is delivered.
  • Further fitting appointments might be needed to ensure a perfect fit

We know how important it is to get a denture just right so we won't consider the job finished until our patient is happy with both fit and appearance.

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"The staff was very nice, and they took very good care of me. all the staff including the doctor were so enjoyable. it was pain free, and I feel good about my smile after my cleaning."

Donald R.

"Provided wonderful service. The staff was incredibly friendly and expressed the utmost care about my dental hygiene. My routine dental cleaning went well and without any hitches!"

Ashley H.

"This is by far the best dentist i have ever been too! They were fast, very pleasant, and very careful when cleaning my teeth. They found I am missing two permanent teeth and still have my baby teeth and gave me a quote for the next time i went in. The doctor was GREAT he was very nice and asked me if i had any questions or concerns whatsoever.I highly recommend this place to anyone!!!! "

Megan B.

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