Root Canals

Whenever we can save a tooth, we will. So for a patient who suffers injury, deep decay or an infection in a tooth, we often recommend root canal therapy to save the tooth.

Here's how we perform a root canal:

  • We thoroughly numb the area to be treated.
  • We open the tooth from the top and remove the soft inner tissue consisting of the nerve and blood vessels.
  • We sterilize the inside of the tooth thoroughly.
  • The inner part of the tooth is then filled with sterile material.
  • The tooth is closed up with a tooth-colored filling.

Because these teeth will become more brittle, we recommend that they be crowned to strengthen them. A tooth that has received this treatment can last for many years, possibly even the rest of a person's life when cared for properly.

If you have a toothache or have injured a tooth, please call us immediately. We may be able to save it with root canal therapy.

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Why people believe in us

"I had a horrible toothache and they got me in within 45 minutes. They took X-rays and I needed a root canal and a cap. They did it right then. No wait either and the staff is very friendly. I need a lot more work done and will definitely be going to them. They also did my kids cleanings and my kids had no pain or complaints. My kids are 10 and 11 years old. The dentist is friendly and actually talks to you about what you need done. ."

Patricia M.

" I was experiencing really bad jaw and headache. Went to 3 different dentists. Not one could figure out what was wrong. Then I came to dental care team, and they put me on the right path. Needed a root canal. Everyone treated me like they knew me for years. Will not go anywhere else."

Chris D.

TEN STARS !!!!! I broke a tooth on a Friday @3:30pm before Memorial Day weekend. I had just started with my current dentist in the area I live in but they were out until the Thursday after. My tooth had broken under the gum and the root was exposed. I wasn't a patient of Dental Care but they got me in and stayed past their regular hours to help me. ALL the staff was kind and professional. Highly recommend this practice. "

Lynnette S.

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