Tooth Extractions

We want to save every one of your teeth, but a tooth extraction may be necessary if a tooth is badly damaged or diseased. You may also need an extraction for successful orthodontia. For us, it's vital to keep a patient comfortable and relaxed throughout this procedure.

Of course, we will numb an area thoroughly before the procedure. We will also listen to the patient throughout the extraction so we can make sure they feel minimal or no discomfort. We have found that with a caring attitude, it's possible to make every dental visit positive, even when it's for an extraction.

Questions or Concerns?

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Why people believe in us

"I came in for my first dental visit in over 5 years. The team was extremely friendly and explained things well! Dr. Ram was amazing. Friendly, thorough in explaining his treatment plan, and did not rush the visit at all. Hands down one of the best around! Can't wait to return."

Josie L.

"I've been having some issues with a tooth that decayed fairly quick, they were able to get me in as a new patient and have the tooth extracted all in the same day. I'd recommend them 100%"

Siler V.

"Easily the best dental visit I've ever had! The staff and Dr. Ram are absolutely amazing, they take the time to explain everything and make sure you are comfortable throughout the whole experience. Highly recommend!!!"

Kelly O.

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