Dr. Archana Rajan, Orthodontic Specialist

Dental Care Team is proud to offer orthodontic services by Dr. Archana Rajan. Dr. Rajan graduated from University of Michigan with a dental degree as well as a master’s of science in orthodontics and holds a degree in public health.

She has published articles based on her research in several scientific and professional journals and holds professional memberships in the American Dental Association and the American Association of Orthodontists.

For our patients’ convenience, Dr. Rajan has concentrated her treatment times to Fridays and Saturdays. This way the kids and teenagers she treats will miss a very small amount of school, if any at all.

Dr. Rajan and Dental Care Team believe in and practice interceptive orthodontics where if we see that the teeth are heading towards needing braces, we would recommend that treatment starts early with some dental appliances such as palatal expanders so that any full treatment with braces gets reduced in time and cost.

We know that braces and orthodontic treatment can be expensive. We also know that, as parents, we will do whatever we can to take care of our children; so to make it easier, Dental Care Team has set up interest free payment plans to cover this kind of treatment.

If you or your child has been considering braces or orthodontic treatment, give us a call to discuss your options.

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