We are very pleased to offer our patients the services of our own dental lab. Because of Dr. Ibrahim Jarjoura's extensive studies at the University of Michigan in biomaterials (materials used in medical or dental care), adding a dental lab to Dental Care Team made perfect sense.

Our dentists can closely monitor the quality of lab products and our patients get very fast service. In some cases, bridges, crowns and implant restorations (the replacement teeth) can be delivered in just one day! This is an additional benefit we offer the patients of Dental Care Team.

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"Love this place! Great staff/doctors and always answer my questions/concerns. Very modern equipment and many services are covered right in office. If you are looking for a new/different dentist, please give them a call and tell them I sent you."

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"This office respects your time and begins appointments on time more consistently than any other dentist we've used. They also do good work, don't try to talk you into unnecessary dental work, and are pleasant to visit. Even though a lot of offices are closer, these qualities keep us coming back."

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