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Welcome to Dental Care Team of Grand Blanc, MI

When you have dentistry needs, you want quality care by an experienced dentist and caring staff. The professionals on the Dental Care Team in Grand Blanc, MI offer dedicated professional dental services. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about your dental care so that you can enjoy your teeth for a lifetime. We accept all new patients and can even offer same day appointments.



Modern, high-tech facility and a very professional staff. Before coming to Dental Care Team I had several very bad experiences with dental care that made me afraid to have any dental work done - even a simple cleaning. My wife eventually convinced me to try Dental Care Team, and I've never looked back. Everyone on the staff is very professional and always nice. Dr. Jarjoura, Dr. Ram, and Kristi (my usual hygienist) always make me feel at ease, do excellent work on my teeth, and make sure I fully understand everything that needs to be done.
Dan L.
Had my initial appointment today. These guys and gals are just what I was looking for. Straight forward with everything. When I left the office I know exactly what I need and what my insurance will pay for and what I will be responsible for. I very much look forward to a continued relationship with them. Thank you very much Kristi for being patient with me and answering all of my questions. The options you offered me will allow me to make the proper decisions and plan for getting the work done.
Lonnie H.
The staff at Dental Care Team are so friendly and accommodating, they make you feel very comfortable. Dr J is a great doctor, friendly, caring and good hearted. You can tell he really cares about his patients. I have found the perfect dental place for me.
Gaye M.
The whole Dental Care Team is superb! They accept most insurances, so I don't ever have an issue. I've never had problems getting them to squeeze me in, either! I trust Dr. Jarjoura's opinion and expertise, and he's never steered me wrong, in my opinion.People can have cavities and require root canals and crowns at any age. I am perfect about taking care of my teeth, and unfortunately, needed a root canal and crown.Additionally, one of the reviews below described this practice as being one purely for profit- If this were the case, why would this office be a part of the Dentistry for the Heart project? I have utilized their services during this time when I was unemployed and they did a great job.
Jessica H.
This is by far the best dentist I have ever been too! They were fast, very pleasant, and very careful when cleaning my teeth. They found I am missing two permanent teeth and still have my baby teeth and gave me a quote for the next time I went in. The doctor was GREAT he was very nice and asked me if I had any questions or concerns whatsoever. The girl who cleaned my teeth was amazing! I felt like I had known her forever. I've never been one to talk to the doctors because I'm not there to socialize but i was so comfy that I didn't mind. I highly recommend this place to anyone!!!!
Megan B.
Friends referred me to this practice. I was looking for a new dentist. I was happy with my previous dentist but he retired and I was not happy with his replacement. I had a dental crown break off and the root of the tooth had to be removed. Grand Blanc Dental took care of it right away on my first visit! They also recommended a partial to replace the lost tooth. My old dentist said I'd have to have an expensive bridge or an implant. I'm very happy!
Pat M.
My #1 concern was pain. I'm still so amazed! After the extensive dental work ( including 2 extractions on the same day ), still NO PAIN ever, before, during and after! TDC team was a divine gift to me ( it took me 10 years to find them). Divine wisdom took over and led me to TDC team. Dr Jarjoura is my new Hero/ Rock star/Icon! It was beautiful, metaphysical, perfect experience! Everyone deserves the gift of TDC team!
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